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Help and Inspire (HI) is a 100% non-profit organization registered in Washington State. HI is granted federal tax exemption by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). HI relies entirely on volunteers and has no paid employees.

Our long term goal is to help poor children with education. HI is currently fundraising to help the poor and unfortunate children in Afghanistan to attain basic life saving necessities. There are more than 60,000 children who work on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. Our main mission is to prevent starvation and to promote education among the poor and unfortunate communities in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Children are working for long hours in extreme weather conditions. They shine and clean shoes, wash cars, clean car windshields, and sell bags a d gum for very little money. Some of these children only make $3-5 per day just to buy one meal. They live far from the city in horrible life situations.These children have no access to running water or electricity. They drink water from wells. They do not have time to go to school as they are busy working at least ten or more hours per day seven days a week. These children are severely suffering from all kinds of abuse on the streets of Kabul on a daily basis. The children who work on the streets don’t have proper clothes and don’t have enough food to eat on a daily basis.

HI help these needy children by providing them with the following basic necessities of life:


Future goal:

As of December 2014, HI doesn’t help the children of Afghanistan with their education needs because the targeted children urgently need their basic necessities of life just to survive. Once HI covers children’s basic needs, then at that point we will help and inspire the children with their education needs.


HI Founder and Director