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Help and Inspire

Help and Inspire (HI) is a 100% non-profit, non-political, and non-religious humanitarian organization registered in Washington State. HI is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3 organization making your donations exempt from federal taxes and deductible. With no paid employee in Washington, HI sends 100% of your donations to Afghanistan to help children and their families who are struggling financially. Children cannot, but wish, to go to school and their mothers and other women wish to become literate to get jobs to help their families.

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In war-torn Afghanistan, children are often forced to forgo their education to pursue activities that create income for their families so the family can meet its basic needs. It is heartbreaking to see forlorn Afghan children working as the family breadwinner on the street to sell items for an average of $1.00 to $2.00 per day, barely enabling them to fulfill their families’ basic needs and buy one meal per day. The main driver for this situation is the war.  It has altered the economy causing poverty, starvation, loss of jobs, inadequate clothing, and illness for a number of years, and led to the loss of formal and civic education that might help Afghan families to reverse this course.

Help and Inspire – HI – founded in July of 2014 aims to make a difference in children and women’s lives in Afghanistan – and we are. When HI became registered, there were not a lot of registered charities helping the children working and sometimes living on the streets of Afghanistan. By January of 2017, there are many individuals and charities helping those with financial difficulties in Afghanistan and helping them go to school. Help and Inspire is proud to have led the way in alerting others to the problems of the Afghan street children and their families. Help and Inspire is proud of its success and is continuing to grow so that we may provide greater help and assistance to those in need. We encourage individuals to support us by donating to our projects to help Afghan women and children who are voiceless.

Our Mission

HI provides funding to families so they can afford to let their children go to school.  HI teaches illiterate women to read and write through literacy classes. These can motivate the women so they can take better care of their lives, can get jobs, and can reduce their financial stress thereby improving their family situation. In addition, once these women are able to read and write, they are able to help their kids with their school assignments creating a new parent/child bond and greater togetherness. Third, HI buys blankets for unfortunate children in Afghanistan who must work out on the street every winter. A lot of these children die in the harsh winters in Afghanistan.

  • To help a child to go to school, donate $25/child
  • To help a woman take a literacy course, donate $15/woman
  • To help our Blanket Drive, donate $15/blanket

Reasons to Become HI’s Regular Donor:

  • A few U.S. dollars makes a huge difference to families in Afghanistan
  • HI has three completely different missions and you can pick the cause of your choice
  • HI is non-political, non-religious, and non-profit
  • HI is a 501c3 humanitarian organization and hence donations are tax-deductible
  • HI strengthens families furthering togetherness and thereby improving daily lives
  • HI’s activities can improve families’ social status by improving their economic opportunities
  • HI promotes social harmony by encouraging kindness, respect, and human dignity
  • HI enables and promotes respect for women and gender equality.
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