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Help and Inspire (HI) is a 100% non-profit organization registered in Washington State. HI is granted (501)3c Federal Tax Exemption by The Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Your donation will enable a child to go school instead of having to work on the street. We send 100% of your donation to Afghanistan.  We provide the children with financial support to attend private or public schools and provide them with basic necessities. We have no paid employees in the US.

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In Afghanistan, a war torn country, children are often forced to place their educational priorities after their basic needs so that they may create income for their families. Forlorn Afghan children become the breadwinners, which is one of the most heartbreaking aspects of their dire situation. Rather than completing their educational aspirations, they struggle to sell items on the street for an average of $2.00 to $4.00 per day to fulfill their basic needs. The main driver for this situation is the war, which altered the economy causing poverty, starvation, loss of jobs, inadequate clothing and food, illness, and loss of formal and civic education for a significant number of years.

Help and Inspire – HI – created in July of 2014 aims to provide assistance to make a difference in children’s lives in Afghanistan. When HI Charity became registered, there was no single registered charity specific to the children living on the streets of Afghanistan. We prevent starvation and promote education for these children in Afghanistan. By January of 2017 there are many individuals and charities that help street children in Afghanistan. Help and Inspire has alerted others to the problem of the street children and these other charities joined in the effort to help the street children. Help and Inspire is proud of its success and is continuing to grow so that we may provide greater help and assistance to those in need. We encourage individuals to support and donate to our projects to help Afghan children who are voiceless.

Our Mission

Help and Inspire – HI helps despondent children by providing $50.00 per child monthly with the following basic necessities of life: Food, water, school tuition, uniforms, stationary, books, and transportation.

HI also provides the children with two blankets every year during the winter time. Your $50.00 donation will be sent directly to the family of the child in Afghanistan via western union by HI President from Washington State. If you want to sponsor a child’s full school expenses monthly, you can sponsor one child for $50.00 via our donate page and click on “recurrent”: If you want to sponsor a child’s expenses partially, please contact HI President: Contact Us Form. Since 2016 we’ve been helping a small group of boys and girls in Afghanistan. We provide families phone and Viber access if needed. Help and Inspire requires quarterly interview and school reports cards of the children who are on our list.

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